About Marjory and Her Books

Marjory is an artist and author of Norwegian and Swedish descent who lives in Aurora, Minnesota with her husband Michael and two grandchildren. Marjory’s life changed dramatically in 2001 when she sustained a hiking accident in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM, that resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to the accident, her artistic and writing ambitions always took second place to her careers in technology and education. She was the Director of Organizational Management and Communication at Concordia University in Saint Paul, Minnesota before her disabling accident. However, the disability caused as a result of her TBI opened an amazing door of opportunity. It allowed her to pursue her first passion, art and writing with renewed enthusiasm. “Living among the wild boreal forests, lakes and bogs of northern Minnesota is inspiring and provides deep calm and peace for me. The darkness of our northeastern night skies are the perfect canvas for the mystical Aurora Borealis, one of my favorite painting subjects,” says Marjory. Her watercolor paintings are in private collections. She has exhibited award winning paintings at the yearly “Sister Kenny Art Show” since 2002. “My career now is my family, writing stories for children of all age and painting,” says Marjory. A special bonus for me in writing the stories comes when I collaborate with other artists as I do in my latest book, “Tree Trolls! Winter Mischief.” My sister-in-law, Carol Wood, designed and knitted original garments and mittens for the book they are a wonderful enhancement to the spirit of the story and honoring of family and co-creation.

Tree Trolls in the Rømmegrøt Pot (Marjory’s first book) is an original Scandinavian Folk Tale with humor, adventure and love. It tells the tale of a family living in the northern boreal forests of Minnesota and what happens when they tangle with three mischievous Tree Trolls Slug, Mug and Plug one night in blueberry season. The story is inspired by family, heritage and Scandinavian art. The Watercolor illustrations and story are done by Marjory.

Tree Trolls! Winter Mischief is the second Scandinavian Folk Tale in the series by Marjory. We meet up with the mischievous Tree Trolls Slug, Mug and Plug once again. Also, new characters are introduced in this rollicking adventure. Freya is the family’s fun-loving and smart sled dog. We also meet Aunty Purl, who knits magical garments, and the Queen of the winter forest, Skade, who watches over the Boreal forest where Grandma Pauline’s family lives. In ancient Scandinavian mythology Skade is the queen of the snow covered regions of the world.

Join us as another tale of fun and adventure unfolds deep in the boreal forest. The story and watercolor illustrations are by Marjory. Tree Trolls! Winter Mischief features pieces designed and knitted by Carol, knitwear designer, natural dyer and teacher. They were influenced by Marjory’s story and traditional Scandinavian designs, using yarns dyed with cochineal, indigo and other plant and insect dyes. See Carol’s work at knitcolor.com.

Michael C. Wood is an IT Project Manager who is also a photographer and layout artist. He and Marjory collaborate on her books of folk tales and other creative projects. Michael’s photographs are displayed in local galleries and private collections. He is the artistic director behind the creation, layout and publishing of the Tree Troll books. He is the artistic director behind the creation , layout and publishing of the Tree Troll book series.

Contact us: marjory@treetrolls.com and michael@treetrolls.com

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