Tree Trolls! the book

Tree Trolls! in the Rømmegrøt PotFront cover image of Tree Trolls book showing scary but comical tree troll in the forest.

The Book

Two artists collaborate to create a funny, elegant and touching story about Scandinavian creatures and their encounters with a loving and creative family in the North Woods of Minnesota.

“In the forest dwell a great diversity of beings and creatures – some great and some small. This story is about one particularly ancient tribe of forest dwellers, the Tree Trolls, and how Grandmother Pauline and her family tangled with them one night in blueberry season.”

The book is illustrated with bright watercolors, and includes images of Norwegian rosemaled furniture integrated with the watercolor scenes.

What’s a Tree Troll?

In Norway Trolls live in the forests, barns and mountains. They are known to create mischief to trick or trap humans. In Minnesota Tree Trolls live in the forests and swampy bogs. You can sometimes see them when you’re out walking or driving during the day. Because they can’t move during the day, they typically look like uprooted trees, but they’re actually Trolls! There are many old tales telling of how the Trolls came to Minnesota from the old county in Scandinavia.

Hopefully, you won’t encounter one at night…


(“The Tree Trolls got growly, grumpy and anxious whenever humans entered their woods.”)

Where can I purchase copies of “Tree Trolls in the Rømmegrøt Pot!”?

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Meet the Author and Artist

Marjory Wood is an artist and author of Scandinavian descent who lives in Aurora, Minnesota with her husband Michael and grandchildren Erinn and Tyler. She has exhibited award-winning paintings at the yearly “Sister Kenny Art Show” since 2002. Her  first children’s book, “Tree Trolls in the Rømmegrøt Pot” is an original Scandinavian Folk Tale that is illustrated with her watercolors and includes Rosemaling by Teresa Ann McCue and photographs and layout by her husband, Michael. The book was nominated for a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award in 2007.

Marjory would not have had the time to write her book or paint prior to an accident in 2000. She suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico. This caused her disability and did not allow her to return to her career. Previously, she was the Director of Organizational Management and Communications in the Accelerated Learning Curriculum at Concordia University in Saint Paul, MN. Prior to the accident, her artistic and writing ambitions always took second place to her career. However, the disability caused by her accident opened an amazing door of opportunity and joy for Marjory as she pursues her art and writing with renewed passion.

“Living among the wild boreal forests, lakes and bogs of northern Minnesota is inspiring and provides deep calm and peace for me. The darkness of our northeastern night skies are the perfect canvas for the mystical Aurora Borealis, one of my favorite painting subjects,” says Marjory.  Her paintings have been purchased for private collections in Minnesota and other parts of the country.


What’s Next?

Marjory’s next book is: “Tree Trolls Winter Mischief”. It is the second Scandinavian Folk Tale in the series by Marjory Wood. We meet up with the mischievous Tree Trolls Slug, Mug and Plug once again. Also, new characters are introduced in this adventure. Freya is the families fun loving and smart dog. We also meet Aunt Purly who knits magical garments and the Queen of the forest Skade. Queen Skade watches over the Winter forest where Grandma Pauline and Grandpa David live. According to ancient Scandinavian mythology, Skade is the Queen of the snow covered regions of the world. Join us as another rollicking adventure unfolds deep in the Boreal Forest.

The book is illustrated with watercolors by Marjory and photos by Michael Wood. The art of knitting, especially Scandinavian patterns, are a featured part of the story. There are images of  knitted garments and a custom knitting pattern for a Scandinavian winter wool hat created by Carol Wood.

Visit with Marjory at Norsk Høstfest 2012, North America’s Largest Scandinavian Festival, September 26 – September 29, 2012 – Minot, North Dakota



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5 Responses to Tree Trolls! the book

  1. Ann Erickson says:

    How much is the Tree Trolls book and can it still be ordered?
    Ann Erickson

    • Marjory says:

      Hi Ann, Yes the book is still available and the price is $15 plus shipping. Just let me know if you would like one, if you would like it signed and where to send it.

      Thank You,


  2. Patti Nelson says:

    Like your website,creative and fun,am into tree trolls myself ,glad to have another who enjoys the same.Lovely,talented person is Marjory Woods.Good at story telling,can make ordinary day to day happenings something to reflect upon.

  3. Patti Nelson says:

    An afterthought… tree trolls surround my house and gardens. They have become watchfull over me and mine,they may look a bit fierce but are loving and kind,a quiet source of peaceful presence.

  4. Marjory Wood says:

    Patti…I love your Trolls and am happy to be able to share them here! Thanks also for your kind words. Marj