Birch Bark Review

Vernal Equinox is today. The snow is receding in the woods. We need more above 50 degree days and some rain to rinse the snow and bring Spring in full force.

Woodland Treasure

The snow in the forest is leaving.

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Painting at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum In Decorah, Iowa USA

I recently returned from a Swedish Painting Class held at the Vesterheim American Norwegian School in Decorah, Iowa. It was a great week with other artists. The book I am working on now will be illustrated with Swedish art. My maternal family came from Norway and my Paternal family from Sweden. As I learn more about my Scandinavian heritage I am discovering just how rich I am. I am including a picture of the painting I am working on. It is done in the Swedish Dalmälning style of folk art from the Province of Dalarna, Sweden. It was first practiced in churches as a form of decorative painting. Originally used to depict Bible stories it evolved into a means of commemorating important events like weddings.

This painting is a work in progress. I am creating Swedish themed art for my next book “Tree Trolls and the Vallhund”

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Sincere Wishes for a Prosperous, Joyous and Healthy 2014 …

Our home in the woods.

From our home to your home may the Joys of love and family be yours in 2014 and always – Marjory and Michael – Erinn, Tyler and Gabriel

Shared with or four leggeds – Freya, Juno, Prince and Mercedes

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Greetings in the New Year

This gallery contains 7 photos.

The 12 days of Christmas are past and we are enjoying the January chill and snow here in Aurora. I haven’t seen the Northern Lights dancing in 2013. The Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis inspire me to co-create my art while drawing … Continue reading

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Season Review from here in the Northwoods.

Season review here in the Northwoods is in full swing. Fall Equinox is past and the snow is here for our outdoor fun. Thanksgiving reminds us of how fortunate we are to be here. Preparations are also in full swing for Christmas visitors.

Take care everyone and stay in touch.

Frosting on the Trail. Leaves after the Fall Equinox

tracks in the snow

Tracks in the Snow show us who is out and about.

Freya and I are almost home.

When it is deer hunting season we all wear orange while we travel the trails. Here we are almost home.

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Norsk HøstFest 2012

HøstFest has closed for 2012 and I am back home in Minnesota. It is a joy and pleasure to spend time with old friends and meet new ones. It is especially warming to my soul to share time with other authors who inspire me and encourage me. During HøstFest Trolls are strolling, children are dancing, muscians are playing and shoppers are finding delightful Scandinavian treasures. For me the Høstfest experience is a gift that affirms the benefit provided by connection to our culture and heritage. These connections are a gift beyond what words can express. They are Heart connections.

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Tree Trolls! Winter Mischief – Latest in the Tree Troll Series



Marjory will be signing her newest book during “Norsk Hostfest” in Minot, ND in the Book Shop September 25 – 29, 2012. Stop in and visit.

Tree Trolls Slug, Mug and Plug don’t have a good understanding of the consequences when they decide to play a Tree Troll trick on the humans. Will Grandpa and the children be able to dig their way out? Combining a rich story with wonderful watercolors, fabric arts and other creative touches,this second book in the Tree Trolls series takes place in the deep winter of the Northern Woods.

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Contact Us and/or Order Your Books

To order your books or to ask questions please contact us via:

Email Marjory at:

Email Michael at:

Mail: 6416 Woodland Court, Aurora, MN 55705

Phone: 218-865-5155

Thank You


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I would love to meet you at Norsk HøstFest!

I will be in Minot, North Dakota in the Book Store during the 35th Norsk HøstFest Celebration of all things Scandinavian. I will have both of my books (Tree Trolls in the Rommegrot Pot and Tree Troll Winter Mischief!) there as well as Scandinavian Stories by my Friend Anne Rouse. It is a monumental gathering to celebrate the Scandinavian Spirit, Entertainers, Scandinavian artisans, Ethnic Foods, Music, Strolling Trolls, Culture, Dance … All this and more at the North Dakota Fair Grounds in North Dakota. The fun begins September 26 and continues until September 29.

Contact me via email at:


Learn more about Hostfest at:

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Children Outdoors

There are times when everything in the world seems to be “in order”. I had such a moment while on a hike with 3 of my grandchildren.  As we were hiking on a trail along a stream we discovered a culvert which had to be explored. Frogs were discovered along with big rocks, fast moving water and water bugs dancing along with the current. This is an example of grandmotherly medicine “nature nurture” with kids outdoors. Only the best for our children

Boys in the woods

Tyler Brent and Jacob

Jake and Brent

Boys adventuring

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